Mark E. Benden received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University.  He also received his Master of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Ergonomics and a minor in Safety Engineering from Texas A&M University and his PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering at Texas A&M.

As a commissioned Officer in the United States Army Reserve, he served on active and reserve duty with the Corps of Engineers and as an enlisted, combat medic with the Texas Army National Guard. His civilian career includes experience as a Rehabilitation Engineer, an Ergonomic Consultant, a plant Ergonomic Engineer, a corporate Ergonomist for Johnson & Johnson Inc., Executive Vice President for Neutral Posture, Inc. in Bryan, Texas, and most recently named Associate Professor, Texas A&M Health Science Center, School of Public Health, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Dr. Benden is co-founder and owner of Positive Motion LLC, a faculty led startup company designed to develop several of his patent pending stand-biased desk solutions through the Stand2Learn product line.

Dr. Benden is the author of several articles and book chapters on Ergonomics and has been called upon to lecture at multiple professional groups throughout the United States, Canada, the Carribean and Central America. He also holds 19 US Patents for current ergonomic office products and has many patents pending.

Dr. Benden received certificate #706 from the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics Inc. as a Certified Professional Ergonomist. He is an active member of the Institute for Industrial Engineers, the American Society of Safety Engineers, the American Public Health Association and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Mark claims his greatest achievement was convincing Teresa, his wife of 27 years, to marry him. This union resulted in their being blessed with 3 wonderful sons: Travis, his wife Kenzie and their son Colt; Justin and his wife Rachael; and Luke.


PhD. Interdisciplinary Engineering Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

M.S. Industrial Engineering Specialization: Human Factors/Ergonomics Minor: Safety Engineering Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

B.S. in Bioengineering Specialization: Human Factors Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


Certified Professional Ergonomist, October 1994, certificate #706 from the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics, Inc.


2014 Delta Omega Honorary Public Health Society

NeoCon Gold Award 2013 The Guardian Chair

Top 10 Most Innovative Product Designer, Healthcare Design Magazine, May 2008

Platinum ADEX award in the 2004-05 Awards for Design Excellence for AbStool in the Design Journal

Member, Canvass Committee for BSR/HFES 100 the proposed draft to the ANSI/HFS 100 1988 American National Standard for Human Factors Engineering of Visual Display Terminal Workstations

ANSI/BIFMA Classroom Furniture Standards Development Committee

RPHA Outstanding EOH Professor 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

National Ergonomic Conference and Exposition (NECE)

  • NECE 2007 Attendees Choice Award for the N-tune Seating System
  • NECE 2006 Attendees Choice Award for the Pipette Arm
  • NECE 2005 Attendees Choice Award for the NeXtep
  • NECE 2004 Attendees Choice Award for the StandUp
  • NECE 2003 Attendees Choice Award for the AbStool

Common Speaking Topics

Consulting Services Offered

Worksite Evaluation, Return to work assessment, Ergonomic Training, Product Design and Testing, Prototype construction, ADA accommodations, Expert Witness, Patent Development

Selected Publications

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  • US Patent # 6,142,571 - Ergonomic Footrest Apparatus for a Chair - Fring
  • US Patent # 6,220,663 - Lumbar Pump Assembly for a Chair
  • US Patent # 6,296,312 - Ergonomic Armrest Assembly
  • US Patent # 6,290,295 - Air Pump Assembly for a Chair
  • US Patent # D458,777S - Onboard Instruction Guide
  • US Patent # D463,441S - Computer Accessories and Mouse Deck
  • US Patent # 6,604,786 - Support Apparatus for a Chair and Keyboard
  • US Patent # 6,607,246 - Improved Footrest for a Chair
  • US Patent # 6,877,812 B2 - Abstool "Support for a Seating Device"
  • US Patent # 7,036,886 - NeXtep - "Support for a Seating Device"
  • US Patent # 7,048,236 - "Vertical Adjustment Apparatus for a Keyboard" StandUp
  • US Patent # 7,104,606 - "Support for a Seating Device" AbStool - Dual use, 4 position, Rotating Support Cushion
  • US Patent #D541,061 - Seating Device - Balance - Chair Ergo
  • US Patent #D543,038 - Support for a Seating Device - Balance - Conference
  • US Patent #D557,513 - Foot Support - The N-position
  • US Patent #D588,245 - Elemental, Recycled Aluminum Keyboard Tray
  • US Patent # D649,368 - Stand biased desk
  • US Patent # D649,369 - Stand biased school desk with integrated stool
  • US Patent #8,303,011 - Lightweight Transportation Device

As of July 2015 - 3 additional patent applications were "Pending"